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Basic Station method and action of Ollie
Jun 08, 2017

(1) Ollie Basic Station method:

Ollie Basic Station method general front foot flat in the middle of the plate, hind foot palm point in the middle of the plate tail, face toward the direction of the plate forward. Beginners tend to bow down kanban or not look forward, this and beginner bike people like to look at the front wheel is the same error, will make the vision smaller and too tense.

(2) Ollie Action:

The hind foot forefoot is strong under the point plate tail, at the same time the body jumps forward above, the front foot turns the board to pull the upper hand to go out, the hind foot follows the skateboard to jump to the air (hind leg is very important), the board is leveled, two feet forward, simultaneously as far as possible In the whole process of Ollie the eyes always want to look at the board head, but the center of gravity do not pressure on the front foot, to put between the two feet. It is an important step to "collect" the hind legs in Ollie.

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